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Hope to see you at my course, 'Boosting Learning Standards with Storytelling' at Sharing the Fire Conference

I'm off to Warwick, RI this weekend for the annual Sharing the Fire Northeast Storytelling Conference. I'd encourage anyone interested in Storytelling to try to take advantage of what this conference offers. There are at least 25 courses to select from, 2 terrific concerts and storytelling swaps. I've been teaching at this conference for 10 years now; everything from storytelling in classrooms to voice classes, accents in storytelling and coaching voice for storytellers using character voices. It's hard to believe it's been that long!
This year's topic that I'm teaching is 'Boosting Learning Standards with Storytelling' on Saturday during the B session. I'll acquaint storytellers with the Learning Standards and Benchmarks that teachers are held responsible for teaching and storytellers and teachers alike will participate in a number of storytelling exercises that work on these standards in fun ways. We always have a lot of fun and come away with some new ideas.
I'm looking forward to creating some new stories, honing some old ones, hearing some great telling and learning new information/stories and connecting with dear old friends.....and now I must get myself on the road!

Happy t(r)ales!

Jean Armstrong, Storyteller

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Comment by Jean Armstrong on March 26, 2009 at 11:47pm
Hmmm....I would have to think about this. While participants were pretty enthusiastic about the course, this is typically a course, along with the voice coaching, and voice classes that I teach that I offer privately. I sometimes teach it when schools and major conferences want to offer this, but usually at a financial loss. As the gigs are getting far tighter, and this is not just a "hobby", but how I make my living, I need to consider the pro's and con's of this. I would certainly not be in favor of offering this course and then bringing in a different presenter to the region where I live to present a voice course. We brought in $1800 the first year and darn close to that with the next couple of Tellabrations. In terms of money making, Tellabration is still a viable money maker. Sure, there are other ways to bring in money but to deem Tella "dead" as a money maker seems short sighted. The group needs to take an honest look at what the differences are in the production that is bringing in so much of a smaller audience. The shows have consistently been good, so obviously it's not the talent portion that's bringing in fewer audience members.
I know so little about "blogging" and whether this comment is between you and me or open to the public that I'd prefer to discuss this, as well as fees, privately rather than post my thoughts. Thanks for understanding! Jean
Comment by Moose on March 26, 2009 at 1:23pm
aTfter Web Begin Nings folks said they would pay $50.00 for a good workshop 10 students would make $250 for a half da work shop that would be doable for me but I am open to any suggestions.
Comment by Moose on March 26, 2009 at 1:20pm
Would you consider teaching this again in Maine for those who missed it?
What if we offered Workshops in Maine for a fee that would be split with Moose and the presenter?
I would like to have Web Begin Nings , Voice coaching, and a multiutde of begining Workshops close by if we can peak folks interest.

Just some thoughts to increase our revenue both for Moose and as presenters.

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I am just back from our New England Storytelling regional conference "Sharing the Fire".  My storytelling fire is renewed, and I am eager to share new tales and new insights.I will be beginning to teach the Readers' Theatre II course for Downeast Senior College this coming Monday: yet another way to share life changing stories. In addition, I just got the acceptance of my proposal to reprise that course for Acadia Senior College this Fall. Too much laughter in one place can be addictive, I…See More
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Here to hear stories, be entertained, and learn and possibly tell mine
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