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Star Support”

2010 was a good start. we had a variety of artists perform through out the day . We hope you can join us next year.

Please check out the photos and video links.

The Artist community of Portland Maine


Star Support”

Saturday June 5th,2010

Join performing artists of all genres for a day-long event to benefit the North Star Music Café on 225 Congress Street, Portland.

The North Star Music Cafe is always there to help the Arts community. Now is the time for the Artistic Stars of Maine to shine bright for the
North Star!

When times are hard, it is nice to sit and listen to music, look at art, and use free wifi. But just because it looks busy at the North Star
does not mean they are always covering costs. It is the revenue from
food and drinks that pays their bills. The artists receive the door
donations, so if you listen without buying a meal or a drink, the
North Star makes nothing.

Star Support offers an opportunity for the community to view fine art, indulge in the
culinary arts, and witness some of Portland's most talented
performing artists. This event will have a variety of performances
and activities throughout the day to raise money and awareness for
this great venue that has done so much to support the arts community.
This is our turn to give back.

Star Support”

An evening of Star Talent

7pm -9pm

$10 donation at the door

Event history:

In March, after the Moose Herd for Haiti concert, Bill Hinderer and Vernon Cox talked with Kim Anderson about doing a concert with other
artists to raise money for the North Star Music Café. At that bleak
winter time, the sustainability of the venue was of deep concern to
all of us. Winter is usually a difficult time. But in this economy,
it was difficult for Kim to meet her obligations.

It was decided to create an annual event in the summer when business is better to help sustain the North Star throughout the year.

Our vision for this all-day event is to offer a multiple genre program that encompasses all the artforms that enjoy the services of our
North Star Music Café.

Sponsors Wanted

If You are an individual artist or group;

If you are a patron of the North Star Music Café;

If you are a food or beverage vendor,

and you would like to help sponsor an activity or performance during “Star
will gladly display your name in our web announcements.

Meanwhile, you all can help by eating at, or donating to, the North Star. (There is a donation button on the cash register. Let them know that is
where your change should go.)


Bill Hinderer


Bill is a father, husband, professional cook, veteran, and storyteller who was raised in a family full of tales, mostly of family members’
misadventures that were told and retold until no one could remember
exactly who had what part in any of the stories.

Vernon Cox


Vernon is the Maine humorist and Storyteller that created the Tall Taleoligist

(Will E Find-it) and Learnin' Vernon
the teller of Legends, Lore, and a whole lot more.

To all of those who have responded

Thank you for your time and Talent

Bill Hinderer and Vernon Cox

The Maine Organization Of Storytelling Enthusiasts (MOOSE)

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Comment by Moose on June 8, 2010 at 6:31am

Comment by Moose on June 5, 2010 at 7:30am
Here is a schedule you can print out and share with others!
Star Support_Events_ Schedule 6-5-2010.pdf

Comment by Deena R. Weinstein on May 7, 2010 at 3:34pm
Okay...I am going to pull together a 45 minute set of musicians, dancers, poets, etc. between 7 and 9.

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